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XLCubed 8.1 Update

Version 8.1 contains 3 main additions, as well as several general improvements. The following link contains a detailed list of all the improvements in XLCubed 8.1. The three main additions are: Viewpoints, Commentary and Collaboration, and SAP HANA.


Viewports offer a new paradigm for the handling of dynamic data volumes in formatted Excel reporting and dashboards. They are a dynamic, scrollable and interactive view onto another part of the workbook which gives great flexibility in report design where the size of the data can vary while allowing the designer to keep control of the overall layout. Viewports let users rethink what's achievable in Excel developed reporting while retaining the full flexibility and formatting capability of Excel and XLCubed. See Viewports for more detail.

Commentary and Collaboration

In today's socially networked, always online world it's increasingly important to streamline communication and share insight on reporting quickly and efficiently. Reports can now be enabled for commentary either at a datapoint level, or at higher levels such as the filter selections. Users can enter comments explaining or questioning the reported numbers quickly and easily, preventing multiple discussion threads on already answered questions and broadening overall understanding.

Commentary options are configured in the Excel client and available in both Excel and Web deployed reporting. Comments are stored in the context of the data, and so potentially visible across multiple reports depending on configuration. See commentary for more detail.


Many of our customers use HANA alongside Analysis Services and were keen to use XLCubed to extend their HANA reporting capabilities. We are pleased to announce platform support for SAP HANA with the release of version 8.1. To enable the HANA connector in your environment please contact XLCubed support support@xlcubed.com.