WebPO - Web based Purchase Order System

Key Product Features:

  • When a users first logs on to WebPO they are presented with a list Actions requiring their attention
  • Administrator defined approval levels ensures users cannot exceeded their authority level
  • Unlimited number of approval levels can be created in the system
  • Prompts the user to obtain competitive quotes and records this activity
  • Copies of quotes are uploaded to each PO allowing management to review before approval
  • Workflow functionality notifies managers with higher approval limits of all PO awaiting their approval
  • Orders can either be partly received or classified as completed
  • Supplier invoices can be linked to relevant PO
  • Orders can be revised and resubmitted for approval
  • System filtering ensures users are able to view/action only PO applicable to their position/authority
  • PO are converted to PDF files for emailing to suppliers and internal printing
  • Accruals for PO expenditure are exchanged with the ERP solution
  • Exchanges PO and supplier invoice details with ERP Solutions