eClaim - Web based Expense Claim System

Is a web based Expense Claim System designed to reducing the amount of time spent completing monthly expense claims, standardises claim format procedures and claimable expenses, eliminate data entry costs, and automate the approval process by department and divisional managers.

eClaim provides:

  • A schedule of activities and pending Expense Claim approvals for each user
  • Automated approval procedures using definable workflow procedures
  • Compliance with expense claim guidelines
  • The ability to exchange expense claim data with ERP solutions

Key Product Features:

  • When a users first logs on to eClaim they are presented with a list Actions requiring their attention
  • Administrator defined approval levels ensures users cannot exceeded their authority level
  • Unlimited number of approval levels can be created in the system
  • Workflow functionality notifies managers with higher approval limits of all eClaim's awaiting their approval
  • eClaim can be revised and resubmitted for approval
  • eClaim are converted to PDF files for printing and storage
  • Exchanges eClaim details with ERP Solutions

Home page

From the home page the operator is able to view all claims and claims waiting for approval.


Show all claims

Allows the operator view all of the current, submitted, approved processed and claims exported for payment. From this screen claims can also be edited by category, amount, GST, state and by product group.


View Claims

Allows the user to view the details of each claim. Claims can be edited by line and or expense line.


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