VMware Virtualisation

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Jigsaw can perform a TCO for any virtualisation project you are contemplating. Working with you to determine the scope and return from virtualisation our analytical review will provide a high-level target virtual infrastructure design to jumpstart your project design phase.

 The TCO will include:

  • Assessment of the current Wintel and Linux estate for virtualisation applicability.
  • Assessment and documentation of the financial and business returns from virtualization.
  • Assessment of the use of the SAN with respect to virtualization and recommendations on its use.
  • Proposal of a high-level target environment.

  VMware Virtualisation

VMware products are the global leaders of virtual infrastructure technology. The products enable businesses to lower their IT costs through increased efficiency and flexibility. Customers around the world, including many Global 2000 companies, are using VMware to reduce their administration and capital costs.

 Our VMware Virtualisation Approach

Jigsaw follows the following simple steps in deploying a PlateSpin/ESX solution for you.

  • Development of configuration management policy (creation of configuration recommendations against Jigsaw's best practices)
  • Analysis of physical server information (Analysis of audit and server requirements)
  • Desired target virtual environment design (Design of the virtual infrastructure to comply with company IT policies; virtualisation strategy & roadmap)
  • Design review and sign-off (Review with client and obtain approval to go-ahead)
  • Deployment plan creation (Development of plan to project manage the deployment of the migration)
  • Deployment sign-off and go-ahead (Review with client, confirm budget and schedule; obtain approval to go ahead)
  • PlateSpin / ESX build (Procurement of hardware; development testing; ESX OS installation; additional configuration e.g. SAN)
  • Virtual machine creation / physical server migration (Creation of virtual machine; creation of templates (as required); physical-to-virtual conversion; additional configuration e.g. restoration of data)
  • Testing and certification (system testing; environmental testing; user acceptance testing)
  • Operation (Hand over to production; project sign-off; training)

VMware Health Check

Like humans, your systems need regular check-ups to ensure top performance.

At Jigsaw, we understand this and have created our health checks to proactively monitor and ensure that your systems are operating at optimal efficiency.

 Jigsaw VMware health check provides feasibility confirmation in addition to continual monitoring of systems in production. The VMware health check audits and verifies the following:

  • Proposed or current hardware configuration.
  • ESX configuration
  • Virtual Machine configurations
  • Disaster recovery procedures (optional)
  • Operational monitoring integration of the VMware environment
  • VMware service delivery and operational practices (i.e. configuration management, virtual machine sizing, virtual machine deployment across physical machines etc.).
  • Physical to virtual migration (optional)
  • Performance counters (optional)
  • Virtualisation suitability (optional)

Jigsaw recommends that a Health Check be conducted in the following situations:

  • Prior to the environment being implemented into production.
  • After major upgrades.
  • When stability or performance concerns start to occur.
  • Periodically 1-2 times a year.

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