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Love it or hate it, computers have become an essential part of every business. While most businesses are able to manage and use computers on a day to day basis, not every business has either the skills, personnel or time to properly setup and manage its IT infrastructure.

Jigsaw Technology has been helping businesses with the strategic planning and implementation of their IT needs since 1992 and you too can benefit from our experience and the skills of our personnel. Our consultative approach focuses on giving you the solutions you need to meet your unique business objectives whilst giving you the flexibility to adapt to the rapid changes resulting from advancements in information technology and the new global economy.

Our team are experienced in many areas of IT, including, but not limited to hardware, software, networking and security.

We can take care of all your software requirements, from installation and configuration to upgrading. We support many different software packages and specialise in products that include the Microsoft range of products, Novell, Linux and more.

Our programmers can design and deliver solutions tailored to match the needs of your organisation. Jigsaw develops solutions in a number of languages, environments and databases. Application development can range from small conversion modules to major applications delivered via a web interface.

The internet has become all-pervasive. Jigsaw has the skills to design, implement and maintain solutions that fully utilise the services offered by the internet in a secure manner.

Jigsaw provides Microsoft Dynamics NAV, CRM and Business Intelligence software. When used in combination with each other they form one of the most advanced ERP software packages available. With more than one million users worldwide relying on Dynamics NAV every day to help them run their companies, you can feel confident about building your business with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

You benefit not only from our tremendous depth of experience in IT implementations in both the private and public sectors, but from our total commitment to superior service and customer satisfaction through timely and cost-effective solutions. Couple this with the strong business relationships we have with key suppliers and you have a highly skilled, professional and dedicated team at your disposal that will work with you to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet your needs.

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