Microsoft Dynamics NAV Product Highlights

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV has thousands of great features. We have selected a handful of our favourites to highlight the benefits Microsoft Dynamics NAV can have on your business. Explore the highlights below by clicking the links:

24-hour online access:

Allow your people, suppliers, and partners to conduct business whenever they want to, no matter what time zones they're in. Analysis of these business trends, opportunities, problems will sharpen your competitive edge and give your key people the information they need to drive your business.

You benefit by: Strong sales growth and increased profitability.

Built in Maps and Directions:

Integration of Live Local Search gives you access to a valuable, time-saving function. You just click a button next to the relevant address in Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the customer card, and follow the simple driving directions on the screen. You can also print out a map and step-by-step directions between any two addresses stored in the system.

You benefit by: Reduced time and costs associated with travelling.

Built-in business analytics:

With tools such as online analytical processing (OLAP) enabled by Microsoft SQL Server, you can draw upon table relations within Microsoft Dynamics NAV for a multi-dimensional view of data (for example, how a particular product is performing in a certain region in a given time period). Data is accessed through the cubes in a reporting application tool, such as Microsoft Office Excel or the Business Analytics Advanced Viewer.

You Benefit from: Having the ability to make adjustments to business and marketing trends will ensure you are able to maximise product sales when the market changes.

Concurrent online access to staff, suppliers, and partners:

Provide users with access to up-to-date information helping them to deliver on time and within budget. By simplifying processes and integrating operations and financials, Microsoft Dynamics NAV frees your staff to achieve their business goals and streamlines the business processes.

You benefit by: Increased productivity and operational efficiency.

Create links to control and share unstructured data:

Companies often have a lot of relevant information they need to refer to in unstructured formats and sources such as e-mails and Websites. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can add links to any Website or file stored on a document management system, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. For example, you could create links from an item in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to a product Website, a video demo of the product, images of the product, or to other documents created in the Microsoft Office system. Links can be created from any form in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

You benefit by: Reducing wasted time staff spend looking for unstructured data and ensures the correct data is used every time.

Departmental information integration allows staff to focus on customer relationships:

Integration of your customer, product, inventory and sales information allows your staff to focus on customer relationships. You know which accounts need your immediate attention, and which can wait. The ability to target sales and marketing campaigns based on specific criteria, such as sales, contact profiles and previous interactions, result in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You benefit by: Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty resulting in stronger business growth.

Exchange data with Microsoft BizTalk Server:

Tight integration with Microsoft BizTalk Server helps you reach out to new trading partners. You can exchange data cost-efficiently, regardless of the system a trading partner uses or the standards they require. Information sent or received is automatically updated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

You benefit by: Eliminating the cost of manual data entry, data entry errors and associated customer service issues.

Get the right information to the right people when they need it most:

You can easily store and share information from Microsoft Dynamics NAV with your people. For example, if a manager wants to make weekly sales reports available to salespeople in the field, the manager can maintain the report in just one place. The relevant salespeople (who have access rights) can then view the sales report using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Employee Portal. The Employee Portal connects Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to give people a simplified view of important business data on their own personalised intranet home pages without having to be trained on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

You benefit by: Increased productivity and reduction in the cost of operations.

Improve collaboration between your staff, customers, and business partners:

Provide your staff with access to the information they need to make smart decisions. By connecting information and processes, and providing role tailored access to information, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will increase the collaboration that fosters innovation.

You Benefit by: Increased customer satisfaction and stronger business growth.

Integrated with Microsoft Office Word:

It's just as easy to export data to Microsoft Office Word as it is to Excel. If a salesperson wanted to send a customer a letter, for example, the salesperson can export all the necessary information from the customer card in Microsoft Dynamics NAV directly into a sales letter style sheet in Office Word.

You Benefit by: Saving time and reducing the cost of operations.

Integration with Microsoft Office Excel:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is integrated with Microsoft Office Excel making everyday tasks simple and less time-consuming. Simply click the Export to Excel icon and the work is done.

You Benefit by: Saving time and reducing the cost of operations.

Master file record structure:

Customer information and orders can be changed at the last minute resulting in updates to the production status and sales order. Because information is transparent, management of the back office, warehouse and the shop floor are automatic.

You Benefit by: The elimination of costly errors saving time and money.

Real Time Updates:

Every time a transaction is posted anywhere within the system all customer, vendor, account, and item totals are given in real time. You can zero in on details by filtering information (for example, by date, account, or item number) and always rely on the absolute accuracy of the information. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you discover financial opportunities you didn't know existed.

You Benefit by: Eliminating costs associated with errors, wasted time and poor decision making.

Scalable - affordable entry:

Jigsaw Technology can help you implement and adapt your business solution every step of the way allowing for business growth and the ability to adapt to change without disrupting your business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be geared for growing businesses, so you can start with what you need and upgrade easily and affordably as your business grows.

You Benefit by: Lower cost of entry and an ROI that offsets future system expansion costs.

Synchronises with Microsoft Office Outlook:

Any field from any table in Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be synchronized with Microsoft Office Outlook. The only limitations are the restrictions your administrators place on a given user. People can schedule meetings, manage contacts, and send e-mail messages in just one program, and the data will automatically be updated in both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Office Outlook.

You Benefit by: Saving time and reducing the cost of operations.

Integrates with Business Inelligence software (XLCubed)

XLCubed easily integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to provide powerful cube based business analysis from within Microsoft Office Excel. XLCubed provides slice and dice analytics, free format asymmetric reporting, and a rich environment for interactive, data connected Excel dashboards.

You Benefit through: Deeper business insight in less time.

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