Puzzle - MS Excel Addin

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What does it do?

Puzzle is an Microsoft Excel add-in that allows users to directly access data held in any ODBC/ADO compliant database. This includes systems like Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, dBase, FoxPro...

The add-in was developed initially to allow Financial Reporting spreadsheets to directly read the accounting systems data. The add-in eliminates re-keying and the associated errors.

A report template can easily be developed and then "refreshed" as required.

Key features

  • Works with a wide range of data types
  • Works like existing excel formula's
  • Supports multiple data types in one spreadsheet
Did you know? Puzzle now supports transformation of Excel based data into an external file. The transformation supports almost any file format. So any accounting system that has an import process can use Puzzle.

Want to Know More?

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